Sexual Misconduct Anonymous Report

Thank you for reporting. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us.

Any member of the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota community (students, employees, faculty, vendors, or visitors) who has experienced or witnessed sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, or stalking on campus may use this form to make an anonymous report. Unless otherwise specified, information provided on this form will be used for statistical monitoring in compliance with the federal Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act only and will be kept confidential. Filing this form will not result in an investigation unless you choose to make your identity known to an appropriate university official.

There is no one way that victims of sexual misconduct respond to or heal from the trauma, although many do find that sharing their experience with a supportive listener and/or making an official report aided in their healing. Sharing this information may be helpful to you. In addition, summary data from the information you provide on this form will be shared with relevant offices on campus to help develop appropriate campus responses.

If you wish to make a police report , please contact the Winona Police Department at 507-457-6302 or the Minneapolis Police Department at 612-348-2345.  If this is an EMERGENCY, immediately contact Campus Safety (Winona campus) at 507-457-1703 or Campus Security (Twin Cities campus) at  612-720-0417 or the appropriate police department by dialing 911. Contacting police does not require you to pursue legal action.

Submissions are not continually monitored and will typically be reviewed on the next business day.

WINONA CAMPUS: If you are a survivor of sexual misconduct, we urge you to contact the Title IX Coordinator at 507-457-1587, the Dean of Students at 507-457-1640, Campus Safety at 507-457-1703, or the Women’s Resource Center (external resource) at 507-452-4453.

TWIN CITES CAMPUS: If you are a survivor of sexual misconduct, we urge you to contact the Title IX Coordinator at 507-457-1587, the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Services at 612-728-5145, Campus Security at 612-720-0417, or the Sexual Violence Center (external resource) at 612- 871-5111.

The form Sexual Misconduct Anonymous Report is no longer accepting responses.

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